About Me

I’m a Headshot Photographer with studios in Dublin and Dubai.

With over 15 years experience, I started photography in the 90’s. I spent that decade in a slightly different creative zone, writing, recording and touring the world as a Mercury Records recording artist, drumming with my band Kerbdog. It was during this time I found my love for photography, capturing my travels and experiences. I've spent many years at both sides of the camera. I then studied with the New York Institute of Photography and trained with the world’s best such as Peter Hurley, Elia Locardi, Brett Florens, Dany Eid and Daniel Chong. Beyond the technical, I believe one of my greatest talents is to get my clients to relax and enjoy the shoot. This is where people have the best expressions, are easily directed and the best results are achieved. As a Dubai and Dublin headshot photographer, my clients include Corporate Clients, Actors, Musicians, Bloggers, Models and various Entrepreneurs.

My style includes bringing out real personality, creating powerful, composed yet amiable images.

My creative background along with years of travel, shooting, and working with a vast array of locations, with different personalities, celebrities, photographers and subjects are all experiences I bring to a shoot. I am a perfectionist at heart and always put my clients before myself.

Dara Butler.